Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday Virtual At-Home Worship | Wednesday, February 17th – NOON

Join us for contemplative worship at noon on Ash Wednesday on Facebook and YouTube or watch whenever you are available.  This short service will include music, prayer, and reflection on the traditional Ash Wednesday liturgy (ritual). 

This day and service literally mark us for the 40 day journey of Lent, preparing for Easter resurrection.

At Home Ash Wednesday Labyrinth

As a response to our Ash Wednesday Worship or as a stand alone ritual you are invited to engage with this finger labyrinth or one of your choosing.  As a spiritual tool the Labyrinth represents the path we are all on, exactly where we need to be, as we journey into the center and back out again.  Unlike a maze, there are no dead ends or tricks on this path.  The meandering path will sometimes take you close to the center only to swing farther away on the next loop, but by continuing forward you will make it to the center. 

Travis Park Church has a labyrinth inlayed in the floor in the Labyrinth Room.  As we cannot gather to walk the labyrinth, we have provided a finger labyrinth for you to trace. 

Just as walking a labyrinth can be a contemplative undertaking, so can following the path with your finger. As you trace the path to the center and back out again, you are encouraged to meditate on these words:

“God, bring life out of my dust and ashes.”

“You breathe life into dust to make me whole.”

“God, you are my beginning and end. I find my center in you.”

Print or Create Your At-Home Materials

Don’t have your own printer? No problem. Learn how to draw your own using the link below. Be creative as you want to be. 

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