Becoming United Methodist

Becoming United Methodist
Rev. Bob Clark
6-Week Course (available quarterly)
Sundays / 9:00-9:30 am
Church Conference Room

The early Methodists believed they had a duty to seek justice for and promote the welfare of all people. As they spread across the fledgling United States, they built hospitals, schools, and churches everywhere they went. John Wesley had no interest in starting a new denomination. What he and his friends set out to do was to create a movement that lives on today in the people called United Methodist.

This six-week course explores the history, beliefs, and polity of the United Methodist movement. Using the Book of Discipline as our guide, we will discover the foundational beliefs that launched the movement, engage our theological task for today, and wrestle with the social principles that guide our ethical choices.

At the end of the class, you will have the opportunity to join the church if you wish.

New Classes Begin:
Sunday, May 26
Sunday, August 25

Contact: Pastor Bob Clark

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