Chef Robbie Rodgers Story: Corazon Turns 25

Chef Robbie Rodgers is committed to feeding the guests at Corazon’s Day Center at Grace Lutheran Church with flair and tastiness. Lunch is served each weekday to an average of about 120 unhoused guests. The food is prepared at Travis Park Church and transported to the Day Center each day.

On Friday, March 1, 2024, Robbie made yet another memorable gourmet meal for the guests. Phil Watkins donated venison from a deer from last hunting season. It was seasoned to perfection and became the basis of a Bolognese sauce which was garnished with pumpkin seeds. The sauce was full of vegetables chopped by Roxanne Tovar and LeRoy Kroll–including blue oyster mushrooms. This was served over high-quality French tagliatelle pasta (that Robbie found at a friend’s warehouse, where it was almost discarded because a client left it behind). In the serving line, salad was added to the plate and garnished with sliced mushrooms and toasted shallots.

Hungry yet? The crew is lined up ready to hand you a plate.

Chef Robbie Rodgers interview

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