Corazon Ministries: Cold Weather Shelter

By the Numbers

On February 11th, Corazon Ministries opened up a winter shelter in the Travis Park Church Fellowship Hall to help the downtown homeless population who were stuck in the freezing cold weather. We worked with Valerie Salas from CAM (Christian Assistance Ministries), Marcos Cremona from COSA DHS (City of San Antonio Department of Human Services), and Morgan Handley from Centro to operate the Cold Weather Shelter for nine nights. Six of those nights were 24-hour day/night shelter during the worst weather.

Twelve guests slept at the church on the first night. Each night we managed to accommodate more guests as our capacity increased to 24, 32, 35, 38, 52, 54, 60, and finally 62 on the final night. Each big jump in attendance was approved by DHS as we found more space and staff to maintain social distance. We cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner for our shelter guests. We also offered them showers and access to our clothes closet. We served about 200-300 meals during the daytime at our peak.  

Thank you to Mi Tierra, Bandit BBQ, Green, and The Good Kind for helping prepare some of our meals! And huge thank you to Chef Robbie for making it all happen! 

We never lost power, water, or heat. It was an amazing experience, with hospitality and community coming together to serve our unhoused friends during a desperate time.

A Very Unexpected Blessing

Corazon Ministries was one of the 12 original non-profits selected by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to receive money from the Texas Relief Fund she created. At Corazon we don’t endorse or support any political candidate, but we will accept fundraisers from groups and advocate groups from most all perspectives and use those donations to continue to support our mission and ministry. Regardless of politics: give to this fund and these amazing non-profits! If you click on the link below, you can select Corazon Ministries or give to all 12 non-profits equally! 

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