Summary of March 17 All-Church Meeting

Summary follows:

Thank you, Travis Park Church family, to all those who attended the all-church congregational meeting held last week, Sunday, March 17. Velia Suarez, Church Council Chair, Jerry Hardy, Lay Leader and members of the Church Council provided an update of recent Council actions in response to the action of the United Methodist Church General Conference 2019 (GC19). To re-cap, the Church Council has taken the following actions to illustrate that we DISSENT to these actions, and that we support our LGBTQIA siblings:

• Approved an open statement dissenting to the GC19 actions

• Authorized same-sex marriage in our sanctuary

• Withhold all apportionments to the Rio Texas Conference

• Re-brand to Travis Park Church

The Church Leadership Council is listening to our community and the Holy Spirit. We appreciate church members and guests who shared thoughts about whether, when or how Travis Park should disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church, recognizing that any decision that is made must be made with diligence and knowledge of impact. The future of Travis Park Church includes the desire to stay in the building and continue the missions of the church and affiliate with a church organization that has a strong Wesleyan background where God’s love for all means ALL.

This meeting was the first of many that will take place in order to ensure communication and feedback from the church membership, as the Church Council proceeds with diligence, recognizing the impact of our next steps.

Thank you for your much-needed prayers and commitment during this discernment process. Please feel free to reach out to Velia, Jerry, any of the other council members, or Pastor Eric with your questions.

God’s peace and strength for us all. – Church Council 

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