February Leadership Board Update

Siblings on the journey together, blessings on this first Friday in Lent.

The Ash Wednesday service was meaningful and caused me to weigh the important things in my life and those things that get in the way of my relationship with God. After the service the Leadership Board participated in two meetings. The Special Charge Conference Meeting was led by Pastor Cynthia to elect the 9th member of the Leadership Board, Tracie Kuenzi. This meeting was noticed to all at Travis Park Church and open to vote of all members. We are overjoyed that Tracie completes the out team of the nine-member Leadership Board, as Tracie brings many gifts to the table.

The second meeting was the monthly Leadership Board meeting, which occurs most months on the 4th Wednesday of the month. We usually meet early in November and December due to the holidays. I am using this post to give you a quick overview of the Leadership Board meeting.

Before the meeting and during the meeting, I thought about Stewardship and the commitment of the Leadership Board starting meetings at 7pm to structure policies and dream big about our church’s ministries and future, and I felt blessed. I see the same commitment in you as you give back by time, talents, gifts and presence. When I walk into the Sanctuary on Sunday mornings, or visit the Hospitality Table after service, I am overjoyed to see long-time members, new members and visitors who want to know is it true “ALL” are welcome, as each snacks and visits, getting to know one another. It is there I surely see the presence of Christ. Attending the new members luncheon on February 12th gave me such renewed energy to see new members who want to connect in ministries and relationships with the goal of feeling the presence of Christ and living out the great commandment step by step.

As I watch the Stewardship thermometer rise in McNees Hall as pledges are confirmed, I know your commitment to the ministries of Travis Park Church might mean making sacrifices. You are walking the walk and because of that, Travis Park Church is a holy place.

Travis Park Church is abundantly blessed with Staff and two pastors who come together to carry out the vision of our Pastor and Leadership Board, letting all who enter the doors know they are welcome; and we have Big Dreams, which include you.

Back to the Leadership Board Meeting! We are working on the yearly budget to allow Travis Park Church to Dream Big and maintain our historic and beautiful physical plant.  Many blessings to Ronda Hageman who is the point person handling the fiscal affairs, along with her predecessor Sonya Erb. The migrant ministry has been a blessing to our church, but it has also created a hold on defining the budget as we await the reimbursement funds from the Federal Government through the American Rescue Plan Act (“ARPA”). The Budget will be completed in March, and we so appreciate Ronda and Sonya and their work.

We also had conversation about the United Methodist Church and how it has impacted Travis Park Church. Pastor Cynthia reminds us that Travis Park Church is a beacon to those who attend a disaffiliating United Methodist Church and who will be looking for a place to call home, knowing they are welcome regardless of their condition, race, sexual preference, or beliefs.  The future development of Travis Park Church has so many possibilities for expanding the way we serve the San Antonio Community.  We have a blank canvas, and we are very grateful for the relationships Pastor Cynthia is forming in the community and through the conference and the United Methodist denomination. We are respected by many for the work you do and the mission of our church. Along those lines…a BIG SHOUT OUT to the Building Committee led by Brock Curry; they are dreaming Big Dreams about our physical plant with the help of Ford Powell & Carson.

The Leadership Board is working on yearly Goals that will help guide the work of the board. We are listening to what we learn from you and the new members who recently joined.

We discussed the apportionment decision to pay less than 100% of apportionments that was made in 2019 and how the Conference has responded to Travis Park Church’s desire to welcome all and confirm relationships that traditionally would not be accepted. We are in prayerful discernment about apportionments, with a deep respect for the reason the decision was made in the past.

We ended the meeting by committing to have a Leadership Board prayer partner during Lent starting today. We ask that you be in prayer for the Leadership Board, everyone who walks in the doors of Travis Park Church, our clergy and staff and yourself.  We are truly on a journey and we need each other so that we can live out the dreams that will continue to live out Christ’s mission.

Blessings and grace,
Beth Smith
Chair 2023, Travis Park Church Leadership Board

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