Lent: Bless This Mess

Bless This Mess: A Lenten Calendar

Lent 2021 will begin on Wednesday, February 17 and end on Saturday, April 3
At its heart, Lent is a six-week journey of transformation – and transformative journeys can be messy. This printable calendar will help you and your household “bless this mess,” as we travel with Jesus through the valley of the shadow of death into newness of life.

Each week leading up to Easter has its own set of illustrated cards: each Sunday outlines a simple candlelight service, including a confession, words from scripture, a bite-sized meditation, and a blessing; then there are five cards for each week that feature simple, engaging daily practices to try as we travel the road to the empty tomb. Forty cards in all (including one for Ash Wednesday)! 

From caring for God’s creation to fighting for racial justice and equality, the calendar’s themes and activities are both accessible and challenging. Conversation starters over tea, “things to remember,” and concrete daily practices round out this resource, helping to ensure that this Lent, we connect with each other, work toward repairing God’s world, and look ahead to the new life of Easter morning.

Download your cards and print or use electronically to guide you along your Lenten journey to Bless This Mess.  

Bless This Mess Instructions

Bless This Mess Lenten Calendar


Looking for an alternative or additional daily practice? You and your family are invited to encounter God daily through Scripture, picture, and reflection. Join us as we #pictureLent. You can subscribe to daily emails on the website below…

Did You Miss Ash Wednesday?

That’s ok…most of the city did. When you are safe, warm and comfortable, give it a watch with the family and learn more about what the season of Lent is all about. 

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