Missing Members

In our Advent series, we’re inviting everyone to ‘Come home for Christmas.” But we’ve lost our connection with some of our members. Can you help us locate and reconnect with any of the people on this list? If you know of someone on this list, PLEASE have them contact the church office at 210.226.8341 ext 336 or by email.


Greg Abbott

Raye Arlitt

William H. Arlitt

Gina Armstrong, and daughter

Cecelia Leineweber

Mary Butler-Johnson, and partner

                Angel Johnson

Juan Carrasco and significant other

                Patsy Walker

Albert Clayton

Alicia Clayton and daughter

                Micaela Sosa

Derwin Collins

Deng Deng

Alex Garcia Jr.

Irene Keller and daughter

                Amber Davis

                Wanda Lee Keller

Barney Liese and children

Kelly Jean Liese

Travis Liese

Yvonne Londres

Anguletta Neal

John Reason

Kenneth Rider

Angeline Stovall

Guadalupe Torres

Susan Smith Torres and daughter

                Renatta Smith

Bridget Varney and daughter

                Hunter Jenkins

Robert West


Rodd Smunk

Phil Tennison and son

                George Tennison

Mariah Poore

Nancy Levy

Paul Darilek

Ronald Guillory

Christopher Rockwell

Paul Cather Boyd

Connie Ruth Walker

Fred W. Brown

Minot Pratt

Jeff Sturgeon

Elizbeth Copeland

David Whipple

John Wilson

Martha Wilson

Toni Yolanda Chapman

James L. Chapman

Craig Glendenning

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