The Artists:

Hailey Marmolejo
Rhys Munro
Raisa Melendez
Albert Gonzales
Victor Zarazua
Scotch Willington

Special thanks to our sponsors Community First Health Plans and Centro San Antonio!

Mural Dedication & Press Conference

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Thank you to all that attended the DreamWeek / DreamVoice Worship and 175th Mural Dedication & Press Conference! And thank you to all who worked to make the “All Are Welcome, Love Conquers Hate” mural possible. Thank you to Dr. Jerry Taylor for your moving sermon this morning. Thank you Mayor Ron Nirenberg for helping making our city a more compassionate one. Thank you to our six artists: Albert Gonzalez, Hailey Marmolejo, Raisa Melendez, Rhys Munro, Scotch Willington and Victor Zarazua. Thank you to EHCÜ Public Relations for your vision and dedication to this project. And a special thank you to the following organizations and groups that contributed to this mural: Travis Park Church Foundation, Community First Health Plans, Centro San Antonio, The Rogers Family and friends of Travis Park Church. Please follow our artists on Instagram: @rhysmunroyo @trebla_art @haileymarmolejo @scotch_willington @suphercbs @dura_pura_vida

Meet The Artists

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This piece is about the resilience of Latinx people, of Mexican American people, of indigenous peoples, of the people of San Antonio. It’s about empowerment, representation and inclusivity, and the capacity to love that each of us holds, despite the hate we may encounter. It is a reminder that there is a power greater than us.


” Galaxy of Love”, one part of the Travis Park Church “all are welcome” mural, is a symbol and a message of love to San Antonio and the LGBTQ community that all are truly welcome here. This mural further enhances the downtown culture by providing a visual moment to embrace and respect one another through art.


My mural invites all to use their voice to stand up for what’s right. Uniting together as a community is the greatest tool towards justice.


My mural is about love, faith and resilience. Sometimes we go through dark moments when we feel alone and through the church we regain confidence in these things.



My theme is migrants which is important to the church for all their help sheltering those in need. If we can help people in their time of need, then love will certainly conquer hate.

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