Parking at Travis Park Church

For many of us, parking at the church has been a non-issue since March as the COVID-19 pandemic has eliminated in-person gatherings. While it is still unclear how long it will be until we are back to “normal,” a couple of important changes have occurred. 

Travis Park Garage 
For many years, TPC has been very fortunate to have been able to negotiate free or discounted parking arrangements with previous owner/managers of the Travis Park Garage (across Travis Street from the church). Early in 2020, the garage came under new management and we have been unable to secure an agreement for free parking for church events such as Sunday worship. This means that we will all be individually responsible for our parking whenever we visit the church. Alternatives to the Travis Park Garage include the City’s parking garage at the corner of Travis and St. Mary’s, the surface parking lot owned by St. Mark’s Episcopal Church located between Pecan and Martin at Navarro, and metered street parking. 

Travis Park Church Surface Lot 
While the loss of free parking at the Travis Park Garage is out of our control, we have made some changes to parking in the church’s surface lot, which (obviously) are within our control. After much consideration, the TPC Council recently authorized a contract with Hospitality Parking to manage our surface lot. This contract is in effect now. We made this decision in an effort to maximize the revenue we receive from our parking lot. While Hospitality will receive a portion of the revenue, having a parking management company actively monitoring our lot will reduce the number of folks using our lot without paying. We are hopeful that the church’s net revenue will improve. That’s the good news as we seek to address our unsustainable financial situation as you’ve heard about before. 

The bad news is that we no longer have the luxury of unrestricted free parking for church visitors. We have identified 5 spaces that are permanently reserved for church staff, except on Saturdays. And the lot is reserved entirely for church use on Sunday mornings between 7:00 am and 1:00 pm. We are working on a solution for those of us who need to park at the church as we volunteer our time for TPC at other times. We hope to be able to work through these solutions by the time we are able to resume in-person gatherings at the church in 2021. 

In the meantime, please be prepared to pay for parking at the church. We realize this change may be difficult. We appreciate your patience, flexibility, and most of all your support of Travis Park Church. As details change, we will let you know. Please remember that if you are scheduling a rehearsal or recording, the City Garage at the corner of Travis and St. Mary’s St. allows free parking on Tuesday evenings.

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