In 2020, Travis Park Church migrated to a church management system called Realm. Travis Park Church sent out email invitations for members to set up their profiles on January 19th. We are very excited about the many opportunities for interacting and communicating with others in the congregation and so much more.

We are asking members to take the first step and simply create and update your profile and privacy preferences. Please continue to give as usual. We will begin to roll out Realm GIVING in mid-February, with other exciting integrations to come!

Why is Travis Park Staff so excited about Realm? As we begin to unveil new features and integrations, there will be many opportunities for interacting with one another, better communication for events, groups, and volunteer opportunities...and so much more!

Chances are we don't have your email address connected to your name. Please contact Cydni with your email address.

Not yet. We will roll out GIVING in Mid-February.

Realm is not just for giving…it's about connection and community. We're moving towards better ways to keep in touch with each other! Please fill out your profile with as much as you are comfortable. Ages and birthdays are important as we set up groups for connection and study. 

Please make sure to choose which privacy settings you want located under My Profile and Manage Privacy. 

Don't worry. We are here to help you. Please contact Cydni and remember to be patient with us. This transition may take some time, but the benefits are worth it!

What to Expect and What to Do

  1. You will receive an email from Travis Park with the subject line “Travis Park United Methodist Church: Join our online community!”
  2. Click the link in the email to create an account and set up your password.
  3. Set up your profile including your contact information, family members, and more. You can even add a photo if you would like! You can also manage your privacy settings. 

1. Look for the email invitation…

2. Register with a password.

3. Once you are logged in, click in the upper right hand corner to start setting up your account.

Fill out your profile as much as possible.

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