Staff Update from Pastor Eric

Family in Christ, as I strive to live a life of gratitude, I try to remind myself that every good gift comes from God (James 1:17) and that every good gift is meant to be shared (1 Corinthians 12:7). Today we are giving thanks for two women whose work on our staff has blessed our ministry and life together. Erika Stiner has served faithfully in ministry with our children and families, and in countless behind-the-scenes ways as our worship coordinator. I am thankful both as pastor and dad for all she’s shared and how it’s shaped us – especially over the past year as we transitioned to online worship and virtual Vacation Bible School. Cydni Bravenec’s hard work as Director of Operations has been vital for us, particularly through housing 22,000 migrants and the roof collapse of 2019, and as we have maintained the physical plant and our finances during the pandemic. Today I want to say thank you and thank God for Erika and Cydni and their families, and I hope you’ll encourage and thank them as well.
I also want to say that our work to share “God’s unconditional love and justice in action” will continue and grow through all these times of transition. Erika will help through the launch of virtual Vacation Bible School on July 12, Caroline Collins will continue leading our incredible children’s music program Joyful Noise, and Megan Paterson will be an interim director of children and family ministry. Cydni and her wife Johanna will remain with our church community to share their gifts and serve in new ways. Sonya Erb and others on the church council are stepping up to help fill Cydni’s duties as we seek a new church business administrator. There will be bumps, learnings, and opportunities for growth along the way in these times of change, and I know that with God’s help, Travis Park will remain resilient and discerning, generous and creative, patient and hopeful. 
You or someone you know may want to offer God’s gifts in new ways at this time – please pray and refer people who could be a good fit for ministry with our community. Please pray and talk with a pastor or church council member about your questions and hopes in these transitions. Contact Megan at about children’s ministry, or Sonya via about finances and other administrative matters. Know that just as new and exciting things are in store for Erika and Cydni, new and exciting things are also in store for our whole church community. Let’s continue to seek and share God’s good gifts together.
– Pastor Eric,

A Note from Erika Stiner

Travis Park Church Families,

We are reminded in Ecclesiastes that everything has its season. I am so grateful for the years and seasons you trusted me to nurture and teach your children, from teaching Sunday School to leading Children’s Ministries, and all the ways you have nurtured and taught me and my family. Travis Park Church has been a constant through many seasons in our life, but it is time for our season at Travis Park Church to come to an end. I have accepted a job in Children’s Ministry at University Presbyterian Church, and while our family is looking forward to what that will bring, we are also acutely aware of what we are leaving behind.

This Sunday, July 4th, will be my family’s last Sunday at Travis Park.  While we won’t be seeing you every week, we still very much value the friendships we formed in our time here.  It may take a little more effort to make plans, but it is our hope that the relationships we have nurtured will continue to flourish.  

Vacation Bible School is in motion, lead by an amazing team of teachers, and will be ready for your families and friends on July 12th. If you haven’t already registered you can register here and share this link with anyone you know with children who may be interested:  I am looking forward to seeing you in person on July 10th at 10am at Blossom Park to pick up supply bags.  

I am happy to announce that Megan Paterson will be stepping up while Church Council searches for someone to take over Children’s Ministry long term. Megan and her family have been an integral part of Children’s Ministry at Travis Park and she will excel in this role. Feel free to reach out to me at with any questions or to Megan at I will be checking my email through the VBS launch in July.

I hope to see you around soon.

Erika Stiner

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