The Gender of God

At Travis Park Church, we believe that God is beyond gender, and we believe it is important to make God accessible to all people. We understand that God may be known and understood by different pronouns for different people and that these conceptions of God will differ as we learn, change, and grow.

For a decade or more, Travis Park Church has worked very hard to eliminate gendered language when referring to God. The worship team has sifted through Bible translations to look for the least gendered translations of passages, has modified lyrics to anthems and songs so that gendered language is not present, been intentional in modifying or removing prayers or other texts that gender God, and omitting hymns that gender God all together.

You may notice some changes in worship. Sometimes God will be referred to as Father. Sometimes we will talk about the ways that God mothers. Sometimes we will call God by name over and over so that pronouns are left out altogether. It is important to empower all people to relate to, talk about, and grow in relationship with God in ways that are helpful, faith strengthening, and relevant.

In worship, we will do our best to balance the pronouns that we use to talk about God. We understand that many of our friends may have trouble when God is given masculine pronouns or referred to as Father, as it may remind us of previous negative church experiences or difficult relationships. Travis Park Church strives to be a landing place for those that have been rejected or alienated by church at any point in their lives.

We give thanks that we have a diverse congregation who journey with each other as we grow in faith, understanding, and acceptance.

– The Worship Team

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