Travis Park T-Shirts on Sale

Travis Park Church will march in this year’s Pride Parade on June 25th. We hope you will join us and wear matching shirts together! Shirts will be purple and will feature our “Unconditional Love & Justice in Action” slogan.

These shirts are for everyone that wants one! You can wear them all year long.

Order no later than May 15th! Shirts will be available in early June. These shirts will not be shipped. They must be picked up in person.  

This is a fundraiser for the Travis Park Church Reconciling Ministries Network ministry and will help cover the costs of attending and participating in PRIDE this year.

Sponsor someone’s shirt: If you would like to add a donation in addition to your shirt, that will help us cover the cost of a few additional shirts for those that might need them.

To learn more about what size might be right for you, visit this page:

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